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             Andrea B. Pettine, Esq.

Many couples choose mediation as an alternative method of resolving their divorce,     property and custody issues.  The mediator is a trained, independent and neutral third party who can assist you through the mediation process.  Often, mediation is a favorable option which can address the very stressful and often emotional issues surrounding a divorce, versus litigation where these matters are dealt with in a public courtroom.

Your mediation will take place in the private setting of your mediator's office with both the Husband and Wife present.  It's possible to reach a mediated property settlement agreement and custody arrangement which is in the best interests of your children in a non-adversarial environment.  You will maintain the control to end the mediation process at any time without waiving your right to litigate your case if you decide to do so.  In most cases, mediation is far less expensive than litigation and the related court appearances.

Mediation serves as an opportunity to discuss the issues and possible solutions for your case, with the assistance of the mediator.  The mediator will not however make any decisions or choose sides, nor will the mediator provide any legal advice.  There may be times during the mediation when it may become necessary to consult with an attorney or other experts such as real estate or business appraisers and accountants.  You will have an opportunity to review any agreement reached during mediation with an attorney on your behalf and the mediator will recommend that you take that step.